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A beautifully written narrative from truedadsonlove!


I love this photo. Of all the “father/son” photos out there, this is the most realistic depiction of an adult son and father in a sex act. If your father is still married, like many of ours, you have to make time when and where you can.

Like the Cialis commercials say, “When the time is right …;” a father often only has a small window to give his son loving attention and sometimes it really does happen in the garage, a car, late at night in a den or, like in this photo, a barn. I can’t remember the last time my father took his pants off, much less his shirt, for me to give him oral. He usually opens his fly and pulls out his erection. More often than not, a dad needs to stand to keep an eye out for anyone approaching so the son kneeling to nurse is very common with father son couples. In case you have to stop quickly, Dad is already standing and can zip up fast, not spread eagle, nude with his erection covered in his son’s saliva and his own precum. The son is in a position to honor, the father in a position to protect.

The most realistic aspect is the position of hands. The son is holding his father’s penis in order to have full access to the shaft, as he has done hundreds of times before when nursing from Dad. The father is cradling his son’s head the same way he likely did when his son first milked semen out of him. 

I hope to come across another photo of this couple, hopefully in breeding, and see true and classic they are.

(Source: pigbelly)

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